Founded by Emily Penny in 2013, Becolourful sits midway between a freelance and agency model. We’re associates who join up around projects and work remotely for clients all over the world.

Photo of Emily Penny

Emily Penny

– Vision-maker and brand-shaper

Emily is a brand strategist and writer who has clocked up more than 25 years in the creative industry. She has an MA in marketing and has taught branding at degree level. Emily has been a judge for D&AD and the Design Week Awards and assisted Michael Johnson on his book Branding in Five And A Half Steps. She describes herself as a very visual wordsmith and is happiest making sense of complex and atypical products and services.

Jonathan Wilcock

– Word-wrangler and jargon-untangler

Jonathan started his career as a copywriter in London advertising agencies. He spent many years leading on brand voice in travel and hospitality and ran his own creative agency. He brings warmth and simplicity to every project, or as he would say ‘all the grown up experience and all the child-like enthusiasm’.

Simon Mustoe

– Insight-gatherer and dot-joiner

Simon simplifies brand problems by advocating for the customer at every step. A team player who listens carefully and guides conversations skilfully, he combines deep empathy and clear thinking to get everyone focused on the human story. Simon loves what he does and it shows. (We like that.)

Luena Amaral

– Storyteller and word-explorer

Luena is well-travelled with Portuguese and Angolan heritage and a love of hospitality. She loves digging deep into the culture of brands and origin of words to come up with creative ideas that hit the nail on the head. Luena thinks strategically and translates complex briefs into words packed with meaning.

Lucy Legg-Willis

– Research-gatherer and project-accelerator

Seemingly unflappable and effortlessly cool, Lucy is the proverbial swan. She supports us with desk research for projects and helps with numerous tasks that help keep the Becolourful boat afloat and pointing in the right direction.

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“Collaboration is at the heart of Becolourful. Our close partnerships with clients and discipline experts make it work.” — Emily Penny, founder

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