For goods, services or ideas, a brand makes selling easier.

Why bother:

We help businesses evolve from




Thinking like a brand:

It takes a strong vision and an aligned team to make a brand. It takes knowing what you stand for and how you want to compete. Thinking like a brand means creating a strategy to use as your compass, to shape all that you do – product, culture and comms.

“A brand is so much more than a great product or a smart logo. It’s a promise, a feeling, an agenda. The words matter.” — Emily Penny, Founder

Why us?

Our approach means you don’t have to have all the answers at the start. We’ll work it out together.

The Becolourful way:

RigourWe do things properly. That means starting at the beginning, asking tricky questions and trusting the process, because we know it works. Our methods are based on years of training and industry experience.

HonestyWe’ll be honest with you about your brand. Sometimes brutally so, because someone has to. And we ask the same of you. We need to know your real goals and motivations for this work.

CollaborationThis is your project and we’re here to facilitate. We’ll challenge and inspire your thinking, and ultimately find the answers together. We specialise in working with teams and we need you to be involved

CreativityWhen strategy meets playful thinking, things get interesting. Far from being dry reseachers, we're more about big ideas. We bring fresh perspectives and directions you may not have bargained for.

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