Good Science Beauty
We worked with design studio Almighty to created the name, branding, packaging and promotional content for new brand Good Science Beauty.

Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert had spent ten years developing a patented skincare technology. It uses engineered Silicon particles to carry combinations of active ingredients into the skin. Her aim was to create effective skincare, in tune with the body and with no adverse effects.

As the strategic branding partner, Almighty worked closely with the client team and tactical communications agencies to launch the brand, initially in the USA. The branding was driven by the insight that savvy beauty enthusiasts want to understand the technology, and want to feel in control of what beauty means to them. We developed a strategy around a forward-thinking attitude and created a plain-speaking, gender-neutral brand on a mission to empower customers. The tag-line ‘In sync with you’ references how the product works in tune with your biology and its belief in individuality.

We provided copy for the website, product names and all packaging. One challenge was to overcome misplaced association between man-made ‘silicone’ and the natural element ‘silicon’. The solution was to tackle this head-on through naming the technology Good Silicon+.

"We now have a strong name and our communications feel on-the-pulse. The branding sets out our exciting proposition well and we’ve had great feedback from the industry."

Charles Weatherstone, CEO of GSB Laboratories



Brand naming, strategy and voice: Emily Penny
Design: Almighty

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