Life Size
Life Size is the new name for Brighton-based architectural practice previously called 3Eleven. They asked me to help develop a name and brand narrative that would chime with residential clients in a crowded sector and reflect the creativity in their design.

I ran a creative brand workshop session with the whole team to explore the potential direction for the brand. It became clear that the practice prides itself on its ability to understand its customers' lifestyles and aims to partner with clients to demystify the process.

The brand idea centred on the phrase: 'It's where you live. It matters.' I worked closely with the practice to write a new brochure and website and tone of voice guidelines were created to help the practice find its voice across its channels. The new brand name was brought to life brilliantly by Filthy Media with a concept based using over-sized type.

Tapping into the emotion of home ownership

This project included:

Brand workshops
Brand strategy
Web copy
Brochure copy


Naming and copywriting: Emily Penny
Design: Filthy Media

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